Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Mood

Okay, Corinne rarely smiles this big for the camera anymore, so I took advantage of it! She must have been really proud that she just downed 2 full jars of baby food.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

One day...

...while Corinne was doing this,

Barrett and I went out to the garage to do this (0ur driveway is a hill, so we can't really ride bikes out there)

and this. Barrett kept running into stuff in the garage...he doesn't quite get the whole steering thing yet. Guess he needs more practice!

7 months!

My baby girl is growing up fast! She's sitting up great and gets on her knees and elbows and rocks back and forth. She DOES NOT like being left with anyone else and is not afraid to let you know about it. She's still sleeping great (11-12 hrs per night) and almost never wakes during the night. She usually takes 3 naps during the day--2 are 30 minutes or less and 1 is 2-3 hours.

She wasn't very happy while I was dressing her today, but she perked up!

Sometimes, she still topples over when she sits for too long.

She's a generally happy little girl, but she does have a temper! (I won't post those pics!)

She's a great little girl.

And we are lucky to have her!

Sunday, October 3, 2010


Here is a mishmash of pictures that I've been meaning to share. They involve cute hair, bath time and general goofing around.

Corinne's cute hair:

Brother and Sister taking a bath together!

Corinne wants Barrett's toy:

She found her own!

Bath girl!

Fire boy!

Sitting pretty!

Happy to be independent!