Friday, December 10, 2010

9 months!

Corinne is 9 months old!! She is doing great! She's crawling all over the place and getting faster by the day. The dogs aren't so happy about her learning to crawl so quickly! She has learned to clap and wave in the past month! She has 6 teeth and more are coming in. She's starting to pull up on toys and furniture, but isn't quite there yet. She loves to play with the fruits and vegetables from the play kitchen and is enjoying playing with the Christmas tree this month. She's interested in anything that Barrett is holding and I have to use him to help me get her to smile for her pictures! She loves eating almost everything and is starting to eat more "real" food like canned fruit and vegetables.

She's been sick with bronchiolitis and croup this last week or so and she's having to do breathing treatments multiple times a day. She's been a real little trooper about the whole thing! She gets annoyed with the face mask that she has to wear for 10 or 15 minutes, but is relatively calm about it. Actually, she's so calm that she usually falls asleep during the last treatment of the day!

We were supposed to go to a Christmas party today, but our pediatrician told us we shouldn't be in public passing around Corinne's germs until next week. Anyhow, there was no need to waste a Christmas outfit!

Here she is after I let her get out of the chair and pull out her bow. (These pictures are in jumbled order for some reason.)

Showing her teeth and trying to get the camera.

Trying to get down...look at those legs!! I love 'em!

Happy because Barrett came into her room:

Watching Barrett dance around the room:

Being silly and trying to get down:

Barrett took her seat after she got down. She was over the pictures and just wanted to play!

Here she is playing in the living room one evening:

This is her favorite position lately. Downward dog!

We tried pigtails. Her hair is quite a bit longer on one side than on the other, so they look a little lopsided. I refuse to cut it, though, so I guess we won't be donning piggies in public yet!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


We had a really nice Thanksgiving. My dad and his wife came to visit from Missouri and my brother, Nick and Max's brother, Seth rode here together from Nashville. It was nice to have so many people around and they all kept Barrett and Corinne very busy!

This was a few days before Thanksgiving, but I wanted to include it because Corinne looks so crazy! She had baby oil in her hair (she still has a little cradle cap) and she stole Barrett's waffle when I sat her on the kitchen table to comb her hair.

Grandpa and Grammy Poz brought Barrett his very own Mater guitar!

Barrett and Corinne enjoyed playing with Grandpa's nose.

Corinne might have enjoyed it a little too much.

Grandpa and Uncle Nick let Barrett "jam" with them while Grammy looked on.

Barrett really felt like he was one of the guys!

He's probably wondering why his uncool mom is interrupting the jam session.

Thanksgiving dinner was good!

Corinne enjoyed it, too.