Sunday, September 11, 2011

18 months

Miss Corinne is 18 months old! Yeah, I took pictures for 17 months, but they were so horrible I'm not going to even bother posting them. The 17 month pics were all of her either taking her hair down or handing me a hair elastic or of her looking generally disagreeable. She's really not liking this whole picture taking deal much anymore! She's fine if I take pictures while she's playing, but if I try to make her sit in a certain place or fix her hair at all...NO THANKS! Anyway, here's the best from her 18 month collection:

Laughing, probably at Momma:

Trying to take her hair down, as usual:

Climbed down from the chair:

Trying to escape!

Pretty girl!

Monday, July 18, 2011

16 months

Corinne turned 16 months on the 10th...but I sort of forgot to take pictures. So, I took pictures this morning, but I'm also posting some other random pics from July.

Corinne has recently started playing with dolls and she seems to have chosen this one as her favorite. She loves pushing the little stroller around.

The kids wore their new swimsuits to a splash party. Corinne had a blast at the party, but is mad here because she didn't want to hold Barrett's hand. Barrett didn't have much fun at the party and stayed completely dry the entire time we were there, but he did like eating cake!

My 16 month old!

Barrett was trying to get her to smile for pictures and thought she might grin more if he was with her. Plus, he just likes having his picture taken.

Barrett took this picture and it turned out to be one of my favorites of the day!

The kids have enjoyed making "houses" and playing in them lately.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We aren't doing anything too eventful for the 4th this year, but we are spending time together and having a fun weekend! We had a friend over and grilled out on Saturday, just spent time together at home on Sunday and are still trying to make some plans for today. The kids are too little to stay up late enough to see our town's fireworks, but our neighbors usually have enough to entertain Barrett for a little while (and to scare our dogs for days). Happy 4th, everyone!

Here's Corinne looking cute in her festive shirt:

Barrett posing with Stuart in his little USA hat:

Cutie Corinne again:

Barrett and Corinne together:

Both smiling! Hard to capture!

Corinne finished this whole ear of corn!

A bath was necessary after Barrett ate his first rib:

Handsome boy!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Corinne-15 months

Corinne is walking all the time now--never crawls at all anymore! She is starting to run and loves to be chased by anyone, especially if the chaser says, "I'm gonna get you"! She is talking a little and has a vocabulary of 10-15 words, although anyone other than her family might have trouble understanding her. She still thinks Barrett is hilarious and loves our dogs. She's still eating very well, also. I can't think of a single food that we've put in front of her that she's rejected. Of course, she likes some food more than others--she absolutely loves berries of any kind and cheese is also a favorite.

Trying to climb off the chair:

Loves books!

My favorite of the day:

So proud to stand up! I'm afraid the "chair pictures" aren't going to go on much longer!

Water day!

It's been super hot here, which makes this Momma tired and not very motivated to take the kids anywhere. One weekend afternoon when they seemed particularly bored, Max and I decided to set up some water toys for them to play with in the backyard. We set up a baby pool, our water table and a sprinkler. We also made some popsicles and let the kids have them while they were playing in the water...a built in bath for sticky hands!

Here's Miss Corinne with her popsicle. Our grass is long! Don't's been really hot!

Happy Barrett with his popsicle:

Riding his bike. He rode it through the sprinkler after this and said it was a car wash!

Corinne having fun in the little pool:

Both kids in the pool:

Hanging out at the water table:

Barrett's swimming lessons

Barrett took swim lessons at the end of May and learned to swim! He can swim underwater for a few feet. I have to hold his head down in the water, but that's what the instructor did also, so he's used to that. He can also retrieve rings from the bottom of the pool in 4 feet of water! He loves doing this and asks to do this at our neighborhood pool every time we are there. He learned to swim and loves swimming at our pool, but he didn't really like the lessons, unfortunately. He cried during all 8 lessons, but did everything the teacher asked him to do anyway. I'm not sure why he didn't like them, because he loves to swim!

Here he is waiting his turn in line to swim to the teacher:

Doing the limbo...underwater!

Got the ring off the bottom of the pool!

All the kids are lined up, waiting their turn. Barrett is in the water with the teacher.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Barrett's First T-Ball Game!

After 2 practices, Barrett had his very first t-ball game today! He enjoyed batting and running the bases much more than he liked playing the field. He gets a little upset when he doesn't get the ball. He had fun today, but I think he'll enjoy it even more when he gets a better understanding of the game.

Here he is on first base with Coach Wes:

Running to 3rd base. Momma happened to be on 3rd base, so that might explain some of his enthusiasm. :)

Waiting to catch the ball:

Getting some help from Dad:

Hitting the ball (with some help from another parent):