Tuesday, April 19, 2011

13 months!

Corinne turned 13 months on the 10th, but we've all been sick with a cold, so I decided to wait until she and I felt better to mess with taking pictures. She's getting so big and likes to make her own decisions, so it's getting increasingly difficult to get her to sit still for any length of time. She's a very happy girl most of the time, and lets us know that she's not getting what she needs/wants by squealing really loudly. She loves being outside, so we spend every evening after dinner in the back yard. She loves to swing and climb on various toys we have. She has a great time just crawling around the yard. She is almost walking, even taking 4-5 steps before falling. She can stand on her own very well and seems to prefer cruising along furniture and walls rather than crawling, so I think the full-out walking is coming soon. She says a few words: "dada", "mama", "no no", and we think she might be saying "gentle" when she pets the dogs. She is a very active girl, always moving around and causing mischief, even when she's not feeling well! I took about 30 pictures of her this morning and most of them are of the top of her head or her back. She just wouldn't sit still!

She also refuses hair bows at this point, so that's why her hair is in her eyes a little. It grows so fast though, so we are letting it grow out so we can tuck it behind her ear until she'll wear barrettes again.

A rare still moment:

I love the pics in the chair, but it is much easier to take pics while she is playing on the floor!

Playing with her cookie puzzle with Barrett:

Standing! She took a couple steps after this!

Happy to see that Barrett woke up and came into her room: