Saturday, August 29, 2009

At the lake

As soon as we arrived at the lake to visit with my mom's family, Barrett headed straight for the water.

So even though it was only about 70 degrees outside, we decided to give in and put a swim diaper on him.

Daddy had to follow him pretty closely.

He sure had fun in that cold water!

We decided he should have a life jacket, just in case.

Exploring the lake:

After he got out of the lake, Barrett decided to push my cousin Melissa on a little car.

They went pretty far!

Feeding the fish with Grandpa (and the dogs):

Taking a walk with Grammy:

We wanted a picture of my Grandma with all 3 of her great-grandkids, but that turned out to be a difficult task. Rowan (in the green shirt), Audrianna (in the red dress) and Barrett (with me, of course) weren't too agreeable. Also, Maya (the little girl with the long blonde hair) wanted to be in the picture even though Grandma is technically her great aunt.

Another try:

Family Reunion

We got to my grandmother's house very, very early Saturday morning (3am!) and we all went to bed. We laid low on Saturday until that evening, when we had dinner at my aunt's house. I didn't get any pictures that night, but I sure did the next day! We had a family reunion for my dad's side of the family and a family picnic for my mom's side of the family on Sunday. Here are some pics of the family reunion. I actually didn't get pictures of Barrett's favorite activity at the reunion--riding my aunt's golf cart! I was holding on to the cart and to him, so I didn't have any free hands!

Grandpa and Grammy with Barrett:

Barrett spent lots of time "riding" my aunt's lawn tractor:

Grandpa is supervising the ride:

Barrett and Great Aunt Gina:

Barrett with my cousin Hannah. He really liked playing in the coolers (that he's staring at) as well.

Barrett and Hannah and Great Grandma Poz:

He was ready to go, but Great Aunt Debbie and Great Aunt Lori wanted to give him one last kiss:

Friday, August 28, 2009

St. Louis Zoo

On our LONG drive to Michigan last Friday, we stopped in St. Louis for a few hours to wear Barrett out. We went to the zoo and we ate dinner, after which we put him in his pajamas and took off again. We thought about spending the night in a hotel and finishing the trip on Saturday morning, but Barrett fell soundly asleep, so we decided to go the whole way!

Barrett was so excited about riding the "choo-choo"!

Momma and B on the train:

Another nice picture on the train:

Daddy and B on the carousel:

B liked this penguin:

This was at a playground in the children's zoo area:

No more pictures!

The zoo was great and we could have spent all day there! There was so much we didn't see, because we wanted to get back on the road. Maybe we can go back someday and have even more fun!