Sunday, November 14, 2010

8 months!!

My baby girl is 8 months old! She's such a big girl. She's gotten some teeth in the past couple of months--she has the two bottom front teeth and one top front tooth. It's obvious that she will be getting the other top front tooth and another bottom one soon. She's still not crawling, but she's pretty good at getting around. She rolls and slides until she gets to her desired location. She gets into the crawl position (on hands and knees) pretty often, so I'm expecting her to crawl any day now. She's recently gotten VERY good at getting from lying down to a sitting position. She's babbling a lot, too. Lots of "dadadadadadadada"!

Here are her 8 month pictures, only a few days late this time (She's been snotty and I didn't think that would make cute pictures).

All her teeth are visible in this one:

Happy baby!

Teeth again:

My favorite of the day:

More happy girl!

October photos

I took quite a few pictures of the kids throughout October and wanted to share some.

Here's Miss Corinne playing in her room.

Almost crawling!

I check on her every night, but I was sure glad I remembered to this night! This is how she fell asleep...all tangled in her blanket with her legs hanging out of the crib. She must have been really tired! I can't imagine that this was very comfortable.

Julia, Kayli and Matthew came over one afternoon for movie watching, muffin making and cocoa drinking.

Baby Unabomber:

My turkey:

I absolutely LOVE this pic of Corinne!


I kind of forgot to post all our pumpkin patch/Halloween adventures, so here is one HUGE picture post that covers it all!

Barrett and Corinne are ready to go to the pumpkin patch with MOMS Club!

Corinne ate a pumpkin stem.

To my surprise, Barrett really hated the hay maze. He got out by knocking hay bales over until there was an exit.

I didn't get a photo, but this cow gave Barrett a serious lick/kiss right after this!

Barrett liked running in the pumpkin patch at this 2nd patch, where we went as a family.

It's so hard to get them both to look at the camera at the same time!

A rare shot of Momma and Corinne:

Barrett played in this corn box for a while.

But playing in these tunnels was probably his favorite part.

Cowgirl Corinne's all dressed and ready to go to Barrett's school Harvest Party.

Corinne's vest:

Barrett did a great job in his school costume parade!

Eating a snack with his friends:

This is right before we went trick or treating:

Our friends came over to trick or treat with us.

Corinne and Matthew are ready to go!