Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surgeon visit

Corinne had an appointment with the surgeon that fixed her laceration from the c-section this past Wednesday. It was at the local children's hospital, which I hope is a place I don't have to visit again anytime soon. There were so many kids there! There were little bitty babies like Corinne that didn't have anything obviously wrong with them, but there were also older kids being wheeled around in wagons with IV poles attached. All of it broke my heart. I'm sure you become desensitized after a while, but I don't want the opportunity to find out...I just want to stay away! Corinne did just fine at her appointment. She had to get weighed and measured first, and she screamed the entire time. She weighs 10 lb and 13 oz now and is 21.5 inches long!! When the surgeon came in, he just made sure that her stitches dissolved the way they were supposed to and that she healed well. I laughed at her, because she cried so much while she got her height and weight checked, yet when the surgeon was checking her out, she was completely silent and just looked around. The cut was in her diaper area, too, so he had to get her completely undressed to look at it. I guess she didn't mind that for some reason! Anyway, the stitches are gone and she healed perfectly, so we won't have to see him again!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One month

Corinne turned 1 month old on the 10th and in typical Amanda fashion, I took her one month photos on the 11th. :) I know everyone says this, but I absolutely cannot believe how fast the time has gone! I couldn't resist this cute dress when I saw it at Target, so I thought we'd use it for her first photo shoot.

She did pretty well, considering this was one of her grouchy days over the weekend. We think we have the "grouchies" under control with gripe water (for now, anyway!).

This is my favorite of the day:

Getting tired!


She's already eaten and had her bath. Try to get her in bed by 8:30, and we'll be back by 11.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Time flies...

So, I realize that I haven't posted much since Corinne was born. I just haven't found the time to do everything I'd like to do. I'm sure as both kids get older and more independent, it'll get easier. I'm going to try to do quick updates on both kids...we'll see how it goes and if I can actually finish a post!

Barrett update:
B's been growing like a weed lately. I've had to buy him a new summer wardrobe in the past few weeks. We used to get hand-me-downs from a neighbor, but that kid's growth has slowed while Barrett's has gone into turbo speed, so we aren't getting too much from them anymore. That's okay...I like shopping for him.

He's been having a little trouble adjusting to Corinne's presence. He was mostly ignoring her for the first couple of weeks, but he has been very jealous of her lately and has lashed out at her quite a few times. I've had to keep my eye on him big time, for fear that he'll hurt her. So far, he's just lightly hit her, but she still cries. I hate it and send him to his room (which he hates) every time. He's slowly coming to understand that he just can't hit her. He has some good days where he's really sweet to her and some bad where he's not sweet to anyone! He also has been demanding attention from me. He'll try to get into my lap while I'm feeding her and will reject Max's help with some things and will yell "NO!! MOMMA!" if Max tries to do something Barrett wants me to do. He's never had to be patient before and he's never had to accept that Momma is busy and can't do exactly what he wants, so it's understandable. He's meaner to other kids lately, too, but we can't decide if that's just because he's 2 or if it's because he's a new big brother.

All that being said, he's still a really great kid. He's so funny sometimes! We've witnessed him doing baby stuff with his dolls and stuffed animals, like feeding them bottles, wrapping them up in blankets, kissing them and putting them to bed. He's talking more here lately and although he's not yet speaking in full sentences, he's making a lot more sense to us. He's using adjectives, especially colors, to describe things, so we are able to satisfy him quicker. For example, he can tell us that he would like the blue cup, so we don't waste time going thru 3 or 4 cups trying to figure out what he'd like.

Corinne update:
C's doing pretty well, too. We took her to her 2 week appointment, where we found that she weighs 9 pounds, 8 oz and is 21 inches long (at that time, anyway). That makes her in the 75th percentile for both weight and height. She's had a few rough days over the past weekend, and we were afraid that she might be suffering from colic. Max went out and got her some gripe water last night, which seemed like it helped. She's just been really fussy and spitting up quite a bit. Last night, though, after we gave her the gripe water, she slept for 5 hours straight, woke up to eat and then slept for 4.5 more hours. I really can't complain about that! She seems like she feels a lot better today, so maybe we're on the right track. She's a much more relaxed baby than Barrett was. She's content being awake and looking around from her bed for a bit, whereas Barrett typically cried for us to come get him as soon as he woke up. He still does that, actually! Corinne has an appointment with the surgeon that did her stitches after she got cut during the c section (see my previous post if you don't know about it) next week and hopefully he'll tell us that she's all healed and that will be the end of that. She's also due to go back to the pediatrician at 8 weeks, so I'll report back after that. She's smiling more and's hoping she's a happy girl!

Well, I actually got to finish the post, with only one break to go out into the backyard to retrieve Barrett's milk cup. Yay! Maybe I'll get time to post some pictures later. I'm not getting my hopes up, though!