Saturday, April 24, 2010

Surgeon visit

Corinne had an appointment with the surgeon that fixed her laceration from the c-section this past Wednesday. It was at the local children's hospital, which I hope is a place I don't have to visit again anytime soon. There were so many kids there! There were little bitty babies like Corinne that didn't have anything obviously wrong with them, but there were also older kids being wheeled around in wagons with IV poles attached. All of it broke my heart. I'm sure you become desensitized after a while, but I don't want the opportunity to find out...I just want to stay away! Corinne did just fine at her appointment. She had to get weighed and measured first, and she screamed the entire time. She weighs 10 lb and 13 oz now and is 21.5 inches long!! When the surgeon came in, he just made sure that her stitches dissolved the way they were supposed to and that she healed well. I laughed at her, because she cried so much while she got her height and weight checked, yet when the surgeon was checking her out, she was completely silent and just looked around. The cut was in her diaper area, too, so he had to get her completely undressed to look at it. I guess she didn't mind that for some reason! Anyway, the stitches are gone and she healed perfectly, so we won't have to see him again!


abbysmom said...

YAY!!!! So glad! And I hope neither of us ever have to go to Children's!!!

Kate Avedissian said...

that's good that she is fine....i totally get ya about the children's hospital. A place i hope i never have to visit. HA HA about her being ok with the strippin' down for the doctor