Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Random pics of Miss Corinne

One of her favorite things to do is get all the baking pans out of the drawer underneath the oven. I wish I could teach her to put them back when she's done!

She recently discovered that she loves riding her horsie!

Waving "hi" to Momma and Barrett while riding her horse:

She's not so sure she'd like her picture taken.


Barrett had a little party with our playgroup a week or so ago and his actual birthday was overshadowed by sickness (for him and Corinne!), so we took it easy on his special day. Max tried to take him out for a little bit, just to get out of the house, but poor Barrett fell asleep about 10 minutes into the car ride. Max just drove him around for a bit and then brought him on home. We let him open gifts throughout the day and he played all day long! He was finally feeling well enough to return to preschool on Monday and he was so excited to take his cookie cake to share with his classmates (I forgot to take a pic of it).

Here he is ready to eat his special birthday treat that he picked out--pizza and ice cream! Yep, he's wearing his jammies.

When will I learn? The number candle needs to be turned around if I want a good picture!

Mmmm...birthday ice cream!

I was trying to take some more pictures of the boy this morning and he kept making this face. He thought it was hilarious when I showed him the picture!

Caught him off guard and it turned out to be a good picture!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

10 months!! (3 days late)

My beautiful Corinne is 10 months old! She's been sick for a good part of the past month or so...she had RSV and croup and 2 colds. I think we are finally over all of that and she is feeling good. She was sleeping so great (11-12 hours at night and a 2 hour nap during the day), but had some trouble sleeping while she was sick. I was scared that she might be turning into a not-so-good sleeper, but she seems to have gone back to sleeping well again. She now has 8 teeth and if she's like Barrett, she'll get a break from teething now for a month or so. She has learned to throw and is really good at it! She gets a ball, throws it out a few feet and crawls after it and then throws it again. She amuses herself for quite a while with that! Speaking of amusing herself, she is also very good at that. Of course, there are entire days where she follows me around hanging on my pant leg, but there are times that she entertains herself in the playroom for up to an hour at a time. I've noticed this really wears her out and she takes a great nap afterward! She just loves her brother and will laugh at everything he does, which is just what he wants! She will even instigate the silliness sometimes. We'll be eating dinner and she'll just look at him and start laughing, trying to get his attention. I get annoyed sometimes when they laugh and don't eat dinner, but it's pretty cute most of the time. She's crawling around like crazy and getting faster. She pulls up into standing and even took a few steps while holding onto something the other day! I just ordered her 1st birthday outfit and cannot believe I'll be posting about her turning one soon!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from today:

My beautiful baby:


Love this side shot!

The innocent look:

Playing shy:

Pretty smile:

Barrett's Playgroup Birthday Party

Barrett's birthday isn't technically until the 22nd, but we celebrated this morning with our playgroup. We'll celebrate again as a family on his actual birthday by doing something fun (museum, zoo, etc.) and I'll make (or buy!) one of his favorite dinners. He'll also get to celebrate at preschool by taking a special treat in the week after his birthday. That's a lot of celebrating! Here are pictures from this morning's playgroup:

Excited about his firetruck cupcakes!

Fun pin-the-hat-on-the-firedog game:

Barrett and David are ready for cupcakes!

Natalie and Davin helped blow out the candle!

Barrett requested a spoon to eat his cupcake.

Opening his gifts:

The kids all gathered around in case Barrett needed help opening anything!

What's in this cool bag?

Obligatory picture with Momma:

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture mishmash

I just wanted to share some of the pictures we've taken in January. The only thing of note that has happened is Corinne's 9 month doctor's appointment. Her stats: weight is 21.5 lb (75%), height is 28.5 in (60%) and head circumference is 45.5 cm (80%). So, she's doing great and is right where she needs to be. She will be 10 months tomorrow, so I'll be posting pictures and what she's doing sometime soon.

In the meantime, here are the pics:

Corinne dumped ALL the books in the playroom onto the floor the other day:

It wasn't that bad of a deal though. She and Barrett spent quite a while reading quietly together!

Corinne is such a happy girl at bath time!

Grandma Holt and G got her some new bath toys for Christmas and she loves playing with them!

Barrett has discovered a love for hot cocoa and asks for some almost every day during Corinne's nap.

Barrett and Daddy worked on some phonics worksheets this weekend.

Happy girl in pigtails!

MAD girl in pigtails!! Ha ha!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ready to read!

For the longest time, Barrett has slept with his favorite toy of the moment. For a good while, he had a favorite stuffed bear that never left his side at night. Then he moved on and started snoozing with his favorite firetruck and school bus. Now, though, he's changed again and has been spending nights with some of his books. We've always read to him before bedtime, but lately he's wanted more and more stories before sleeping. We have to tell him "no more books" or we'd be in his room all night! We let him read by himself until he falls asleep and this has been working fine, but this morning I looked in on him and this is what I found:

There is barely any room on his pillow for him! I guess he doesn't mind, though...he slept just fine!


As you can see, we received PLENTY of gifts for Christmas! It was really fun this year for Barrett. It was the first year that he had any real understanding of the gifts and Santa. His preschool tried to emphasize that Christmas wasn't just about gifts and focused on the religious part of the holiday. That's perfectly fine with me, but Barrett got a little confused--he kept calling Corinne "Baby Jesus". Oh well, he'll get that part eventually.

Our stockings:

Barrett was pretty excited to find a parking garage from the grandparents Johnson waiting for him when he woke up on Christmas morning!

He played with his new tractor from Grandma Holt (he opened it on Christmas Eve) while we waited for Corinne to wake up.

Corinne didn't really want to wake up.

Okay, she changed her mind when I told her there were presents (and a bottle) involved.

We tried to get a pic of them in their matching Christmas jammies, but it was pretty much impossible.

See? Hard to get both of them looking.

Sorry to the Poziwilko grandparents--when the gift opening started there was too much chaos and we didn't get any good pics! They really love everything that everyone gave to them, though and spent quite a while playing on Christmas Day.

Swinging and sick

We've been staying home a lot more this month than we usually do, because Corinne's been sick. She got sick at the beginning of December and hasn't been able to get well! She had RSV and croup when she first got sick and now she has a yucky cold. The best way for her to get well and stay well is for us to stay away from others, unfortunately. We've had some fun at home, though! When it's been warm, we've spent lots of time outside and Corinne discovered that swinging is pretty fun:

Barrett has finally given up the baby swing, just in time for Corinne to use it:

Here's poor Corinne getting her breathing treatment. She doesn't mind it so much, but she tries to pull it off her face every time.