Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Barrett had a little party with our playgroup a week or so ago and his actual birthday was overshadowed by sickness (for him and Corinne!), so we took it easy on his special day. Max tried to take him out for a little bit, just to get out of the house, but poor Barrett fell asleep about 10 minutes into the car ride. Max just drove him around for a bit and then brought him on home. We let him open gifts throughout the day and he played all day long! He was finally feeling well enough to return to preschool on Monday and he was so excited to take his cookie cake to share with his classmates (I forgot to take a pic of it).

Here he is ready to eat his special birthday treat that he picked out--pizza and ice cream! Yep, he's wearing his jammies.

When will I learn? The number candle needs to be turned around if I want a good picture!

Mmmm...birthday ice cream!

I was trying to take some more pictures of the boy this morning and he kept making this face. He thought it was hilarious when I showed him the picture!

Caught him off guard and it turned out to be a good picture!

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Wendi Spanogians said...

That's adorable!