Monday, June 13, 2011

Water day!

It's been super hot here, which makes this Momma tired and not very motivated to take the kids anywhere. One weekend afternoon when they seemed particularly bored, Max and I decided to set up some water toys for them to play with in the backyard. We set up a baby pool, our water table and a sprinkler. We also made some popsicles and let the kids have them while they were playing in the water...a built in bath for sticky hands!

Here's Miss Corinne with her popsicle. Our grass is long! Don't's been really hot!

Happy Barrett with his popsicle:

Riding his bike. He rode it through the sprinkler after this and said it was a car wash!

Corinne having fun in the little pool:

Both kids in the pool:

Hanging out at the water table:

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Andrea Harrington said...

I love the last picture. So precious