Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We are definitely going through some changes with Bear lately! They aren't really that big of a deal, I guess, but they sure do feel like it in the moment. I've had so many moments in the past few weeks where I feel absolutely lost as a Momma.

The biggest change is probably his sleeping habits. He's decided that he no longer wants to fall asleep the way he has for months and months. In the past, he's been in love with Baby Einstein DVDs and has fallen asleep while watching one for many, many nights. He would sit right next to me under a comfy blanket and just go to sleep! I would then put him in his crib and he'd sleep (mostly) through the night. This all started to change around Christmas, when he got a nasty stomach bug that kept him up for much of the night for about a week. Then, he started teething, so he didn't get back to sleeping through the night and was waking multiple times in obvious pain. Now, he's still not back to sleeping through the night, but he's only woken up once for each of the past two nights and I've been able to get him back to sleep relatively quickly. Hopefully we are on the way to getting him back to the WHOLE night soon! I'm kind of tired! Oh, but bakc to the way he falls asleep (I kind of rambled, sorry.)--He now wants to be rocked and read to until he falls asleep. The only stinky part about that is that he wants the same book read approximately 38,000 times in a row. If I stop reading, he cries out in protest. So, I read. The good news is that he's been going to bed earlier at about 8:30 or so. The bad news is that he's been waking earlier, too, at about 6:00. I can deal with this, but I need to get used to it. That is, if he'll let me get used to it! It seems like lately whenever I get used to anything, he's been kidding all along and wants it an entirely different way the next time.

Other changes include: eating habits, talking (sort of...I don't think the words are recognizable to anyone but me and Max), gestures (waving, clapping, etc), walking (he took two steps toward me!). I suppose he's probably on the way to becoming more independent, but he sure is confusing right now! I can feed him something one day and he loves it. The next day, he acts as though I'm trying to poison him. He goes from knowing sign language for a few words to just clapping whenever he wants anything, leaving me entirely clueless! Some days he'll act as thought he's really interested in walking and other days he'll go jello legs on me when I try to help him.

We're having pictures taken of him today and I'm really hoping that the bruise on his forehead doesn't show up too much. Wish us luck! He's not in too great of a mood right now, but hopefully he'll cheer up before 10:00. We'll see.


Susan Reynolds said...

We all feel lost as moms--more often than not. When I was pregnant, one of my best friends had just had her first and she told me not to get too worked up over anything because as soon as you figure it out, they are on to something else. It's so true!! And my mom always reminds me that with kids, nothing lasts forever. Don't worry--you are doing such a great job! Barrett is such a sweet little boy and is lucky to have you.

Kate said...

Megan is going through a bad sleep thing now, she has always fallen asleep good for me, but still wakes up, i think the looong trip to my parents house where she was sleeping with me, messed her up. She now screams her head off if i even try to put her back in her crib when she wakes up. grrrr, so i have some Hylands Calm forte on the way.
Your little guy might be going through a milestone in his development...(ie his walking) that might be causing his sleep problems. Good luck.