Saturday, September 25, 2010

Random pics and 6 month stats

Corinne recently went to the doctor for her 6 month check-up. She's doing great and is perfectly on track for her age, as we suspected. She still has reflux, but it is slowly improving as she eats more baby food and less formula. Apparently, formula just doesn't agree with her. Here are her stats from her appointment: weight 17 lb, 12.5 oz (85th percentile), height 26.5 in (75th %) and head circumference 43.5 cm (80th %). Her doctor was slightly worried about her lack of weight gain last month,but he has nothing to be concerned about at this point!! She's gaining weight just fine! And boy, does she have a ROUND head! She's just beautiful, of course. Here are some pics taken over the past month:

Corinne loves to sit in her highchair:

Barrett loves imitating her (he's even wearing a bib):

Again with the imitating:

Smiley Corinne!

Doesn't it look like she karate chopped him here?

I have no idea. My son is crazy.

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Anonymous said...

Our kids are pretty close in ages :) I love how well your kids get along! So cute together!

It gets even more fun when the younger one gets more mobile and they can really play together. Juju loves playing with Li's tools and cars, etc. and he plays with her babies.