Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Barrett to the doctor and pics

Barrett went to the doctor today for his 3 year check up. He's progressing very normally and the doctor didn't have much to say, except that Barrett's doing well! Barrett was sad to learn that they had to prick his finger for blood work and even sadder to learn that one of the vaccines that he got as a baby has been updated, meaning he had to get another shot. He howled for a long time over both of these things, but it was to be expected. Anyone who knows Barrett knows that the poor boy doesn't handle pain very well. His weight was 35.5 lbs, which is in the 80th percentile and is 38.75 inches tall, which is in the 85th percentile.

No post feels complete without pictures, so here they are...

Corinne got up early one morning this past weekend and had the playroom to herself. This made her very happy!

She like to hide behind Barrett's door and thinks it's hilarious to open and shut it about 1, 418 times each day.

This picture is why there aren't many pictures posted of Barrett recently. This is the face he makes every time we take his picture. He thinks he's smiling, but I think he looks like a psychopath, so I don't post that many. :) Hopefully he'll grow out of it soon??!!

Corinne's bracelet finally stays on, Grandma J! She wore it when we went out to lunch today.

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Susan said...

Barrett's looks as though he is very proud of his pearly whites and the birthstone bracelet looks perfect on Corinne's cute chubby arm. :)