Friday, March 4, 2011

Late February pics

We have been having fun this month, despite the fact that one of the kids has been sick since November! It's mostly Corinne that's sick, but Barrett throws some illnesses in there just for good measure, I guess. He's home sick from preschool today due to a minor virus of some sort that involves lots of coughing and a fever. Corinne currently is pretty healthy, but she does have an ear infection. Ugh. Anyhow, here are some pictures from this past month or so:

We have a very similar picture of Barrett in this same cabinet.

Corinne thought she was such a big girl when we turned her walker into a ride-on toy!

Corinne also thought she was a big girl when we put her in Barrett's cozy coupe. Now that's all she wants to do when we go outside.

Barrett and Corinne love having breakfast together.

I was trying to take a picture of Barrett playing happily in his new bed, but instead I got a picture of EVIL BARRETT! I hope everyone believes me when I tell crazy stories about him now!

Here's the pic I was trying to get--Barrett playing on the top of the bed and Corinne playing underneath.

Barrett and Buddy (the dog) have been spending lots of time outside together lately.

They love spending time together!

Barrett was running to bring me a flower. He can be sweet sometimes!

This is why Momma should not trust Barrett alone with (washable) paint.

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