Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Barrett's May Day USA Program

Barrett was in his first school program on Friday, May 6! He'd been singing Grand Old Flag and God Bless America to us for a few weeks, so I figured that's what his class was singing, but there were actually several other songs that they sang as well. He was very ready and excited to sing at school! Here he is the morning of the program...can you tell he's excited?

Here he is walking to the stage with one of his teachers. He spotted us and tried to sit with us shortly after this pic, but Mrs. Mandy convinced him to go with her to the front.

The 2.5 yr old class was in the very front row, since they are the shortest. We were happy to learn this, until we realized the music teacher would pretty much block our view of Barrett the entire program! We moved around a lot (thanks, Corinne!) though, and we got a fairly good view of him after all. He's in the very front here, at the bottom of the photo...with his hands clapping.

He participated very well (well, for a 3 yr old!) and was super excited after the program was over. He keeps singing the songs that his sang and I have no idea what they all are. Thank goodness for youtube! I can look up lyrics that he sings and find just about everything he asks me to sing with him. We're so happy that he loves music!

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