Sunday, September 11, 2011

18 months

Miss Corinne is 18 months old! Yeah, I took pictures for 17 months, but they were so horrible I'm not going to even bother posting them. The 17 month pics were all of her either taking her hair down or handing me a hair elastic or of her looking generally disagreeable. She's really not liking this whole picture taking deal much anymore! She's fine if I take pictures while she's playing, but if I try to make her sit in a certain place or fix her hair at all...NO THANKS! Anyway, here's the best from her 18 month collection:

Laughing, probably at Momma:

Trying to take her hair down, as usual:

Climbed down from the chair:

Trying to escape!

Pretty girl!

1 comment:

Susan said...

I wondered what happened to the 17 months old pictures.

I refuse to believe that she could possibly take a bad picture.