Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chilly day at the park

Our moms club met at the park today and despite it being a little chilly, Bear and I had a good time!

Here he is on his favorite playground equipment--a tube that leads to a slide. He can't quite crawl up the little incline in the tube, so I can sit on one side of it and he's safe.

Being my little monkey:

Ready to go down the slide!

I absolutely love this picture and wish that I had my camera on the correct setting so that it wasn't so bright. Oh well, you can still get the gist of it--Kaitlyn is attempting to kiss Bear in the little bouncy car. From the look on his face, he's not so sure he's ready. She is 4 whole months older, after all.

Bear's hands were red and very cold to the touch, so I put mittens on them. He threw a big fit and we decided it was time to go. He fell asleep in the car and is still sleeping two hours later (yay!), so the park was definitely a good idea.

I'm finding that a morning activity is generally a good idea with Bear. I think he is just one of those kids that needs all his energy used up in order to sleep. It didn't work out so well yesterday, though. I went to the gym and he stayed in the daycare there. After working out, I was ravenously hungry (no breakfast), so I decided to join my friend Nancy for a bagel and some coffee at Barnes and Noble. Bear and Kaitlyn (Nancy's daughter) had a great time in the children's section pulling books off shelves and just generally getting into stuff. I brought Bear home, but he would not sleep! I have no idea what the problem was, but I finally got him snoozing at about 1pm only to have him wake up about an hour later. That was it for the day, too! Then, he had a terrible night last night. It seems like we are ALWAYS working on sleep. Hope it's easier when we have another baby, or I don't know how I'll survive it!

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