Monday, January 5, 2009

Mr. Crankypants

Barrett got sick on Christmas Eve and stayed that way for about 4 days. I fully expected to have to hold him more than usual on those days that he was really sick, but my gosh!! This is still going on!! He's not sick anymore, not physically anyway, but he's just not acting like himself. He doesn't play by himself and just cries when we don't entertain him. He seems to be happiest on the couch watching Baby Einstein, but that's not how I'd like him to entertain himself for hours a day! He's very irritable and doesn't want to be more than a few feet away from me or Max. Poor Max went to work this morning and had to listen to Bear wailing as he walked out the door. I feel bad, because it really seems like something is bothering him. I called the doctor and he seemed to think it was teething, so he suggested ibuprofen during the day and Benadryl at night (just so he could sleep, we think). So, we've been drugging our son, and you know what? It actually helps! I was apprehensive about giving him so much medicine, but since it helps him to act like himself, I feel a little better. As Max reminded me when I was complaining about it, ibuprofen does not make people loopy, so it must be relieving pain for Bear, or it wouldn't help him act like a boy about to turn 1. I am actually going to call the doctor again today because this has been going on for a full week and doesn't seem to be getting any better. I just want to make sure it's not something other than teething. The boy just seems miserable and I refuse to believe this is just his one year old personality coming out. If it is, by the way, would anyone like a little boy? He's really cute! Just kidding, he is really cute, but I'm not giving up on him already!

My mom was here this weekend and I'm afraid it wasn't a very pleasant visit for her. Bear didn't want to be very far from me or Max and if we were around, he didn't really want my mom to hold him. It made me sad for a few reasons a)Bear doesn't feel well and I don't really know what the problem is, b)my mom really wanted to hold him!, and c)I wanted a break! She did babysit one night and let Max and I go out on our first date alone since one other time when Bear was just born! It was nice to get out, but maybe we didn't stay out long enough or something...I didn't feel very refreshed by the time we got back. Perhaps it was the two large beers I had?? Anyhow, I had to put him to bed (a horrible task at this point) when we got back and I was so tired from the alcohol that I was pretty impatient with him. Also, Bear wasn't very good for my mom, even with us gone. He needed lots of attention and didn't really want to do anything except watch Baby Einstein.

I hope the doctor has some suggestions for us, even if he determines that it is just the teeth for Bear. It's got to get better from here!

So this post ends on a good note, we did manage to take some cute pics of Bear in the bath while Mom was here:

This boy's hair is so curly, but it is also so long! It comes down to his shoulder blades when it's wet!

See how long it is?!

Sorry about the baby butt, but I wanted to be able to show just how long his hair is!


Kate said...

that is too darn cute, are you going to cut his hair soon? or just let it go for a bit longer?

Amanda said...

I keep going back and forth on that one. Someone will call him a girl and then I decide right then and there to cut his hair. When I think about it, though, and I look at those gorgeous curls, I want to wait a while longer! I think we'll end up getting it cut before we get his one year pics taken.