Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Playroom!

Well, it's new to us, anyway! After the addition of approximately 10,000 new Christmas toys, our living room looked like Toys R Us exploded. So, we decided to turn what was being used as an office into a playroom! This is something that we'd been talking about doing for a while, but never quite had the motivation to actually do, until you could barely wade through the most used room in the house. The room that is now the playroom will eventually be Bear's big boy bedroom, but not until there is another child added to our family. The toys will most likely stay when it is his bedroom, but the television will not! We are not completely finished getting everything arranged, but I wanted to go ahead and share a few pictures:

From the doorway. Notice the big comfy futon for Momma to lounge on while Bear plays:

From inside the room. The plan is to put the many, many books we have on those empty shelves!

As you can see, Bear has already been busy making a general mess of things in here. I built a big tower with his new blocks from Grandma and Grandad J., and the first thing he did when he saw the new room all set up was go over to the tower and knock it over!! Which is fine, because it's the PLAYROOM! How exciting is it not to have to rush around and clean up toys right before someone comes over!? I'm very happy that we were able to do this so quickly! I'm hoping to make it look a little more cheerful without spending too much money. Maybe a new cover for the futon?? Maybe some colorful pictures for the walls from Marshalls or TJ Maxx??

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abbysmom said...

That's great!!! I am jealous! Our living room/dining room is the play room. Oh well. We don't get that many visitors anyway!