Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Weekend report/Christmas tree

We had a great Thanksgiving, with the house full of family. We are, however, ready to get back to normal. Bear's sleep routine would be first on my list to get back to some sort of regularity! If he (all babies are like this, I think) gets good sleep, then he is a much better kid for me throughout the day. We kept him in his own room and kept with his regular nap/sleep schedule while everyone was here, but he still got off track a little. For the past several weeks, we've been just lying him in his crib at nap/bedtime and letting him cry a little until he falls asleep. Up until this week, I had never let him cry longer than twenty minutes, figuring if he cried that long then he wasn't very tired. While we had visitors, though, he acted as if he were afraid he was missing something. He cried and cried and cried! I rocked him nearly to sleep a few times and then tried laying him down again, which worked pretty well. The last of our company left on Sunday morning, but I still had to rock him last night. I'm sure he'll get back on track, but I'm missing his routine more than he is, I think!

We put up our Christmas tree on Sunday night, and Bear is in LOVE with it. A couple of years ago, we bought an artificial tree that is prelit with colored lights, thinking that our future children would love it. I am happy to say that we definitely made the right investment! Whenever we go into the dining room (where the tree is), Bear talks to the tree by saying something that sounds like "Hey!" over and over again and reaches out his hand to touch it. He does this whether the lights are lit or not! Also, I babysat my neighbor's kids for an hour or so last night and they were loving the colored lights, too. Apparently, they have white lights at home and they aren't all that impressed with them. Those kids are 2 and 3, so hopefully Bear will be impressed with our tree for a few years to come. I suppose we need to get baby gates to block off the dining room now, because any time Bear crawls away from me, he heads for the tree. There's nothing on it that could really hurt him, I suppose, but I'm afraid he's going to try and pull himself up by the branches and the whole thing will come tumbling down on him. We bought all shatterproof ornaments and squeezed the hooks onto the branches, so he shouldn't be able to get any of those off, but I don't know how to keep him from tugging at the branches. Oh well, if that's my biggest problem, I don't have very many problems, do I?

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