Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's up with Bear!

Bear has been doing lots of neat, new stuff lately, so I figured I'd better do a post about it all before I forget!

First of all, he has been feeding me bits of his food. If he's eating a cracker or a Cheerio (Yuck, by the way! I don't see how babies still love these after they've tasted other stuff!), he'll offer me a bite. I know this isn't rocket science, but it's so cool to me that he realizes that I eat, too! And that he wants to share with me! I'm hoping he doesn't ever hit the phase where he gets mad at me for eating "his" food, but I've seen too many toddlers doing just that, so I have to face reality. Anyhow, for now, the sharing that he wants to do with me is sweet...as long as the food he tries to feed me isn't too soggy

As can be seen in on of my previous posts, he has been walking behind his little walker wagon for a little while now. Recently, he has started walking behind anything that has wheels, and FAST! If we go to a neighbor's house and they have toys out in the driveway, he'll crawl up to one and start pushing it until he crashes into the yard or another kid or whatever! He falls and doesn't get frustrated, which is great! He usually just picks himself back up and starts going again.

He has been saying some new things, too. He says one particular word over and over again..."DOP!". I have no idea what it means and doesn't seem to be in reference to anything specific, but there is an ice cream store here called Bops, so I have tried several times to convince Max that Bear wants to go there. That hasn't worked out so well. In reality, he's probably mimicking me saying "STOP", which I say several times a day, I'm realizing! Maybe not, though. He may just have realized that he can make the noise and likes us to repeat it to him.

He's also been grunting lately and we have no idea why! It almost sounds like he's trying for #2 (gross, I know, but I had to describe it!) but he's not. He sometimes laughs after he grunts and will copy me if I make a grunting sound. Again, I think he's just realized that he can do this and likes to do it over and over again.

I think I'm forgetting things, even as I type! I know there's more that I wanted to add to this post, but my mind is not so sharp before 8am and I'll have to add more later on. Besides, Bear and I need to get moving if we are going to make it to the gym and back before he needs a nap!

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