Saturday, April 25, 2009

15 months

Bear turned 15 months on the 22nd and we had his checkup yesterday. He was really a good boy at the doctor's office! He got into things while we were waiting, of course, but overall was very well behaved. The doctor remarked that most 15 and 18 month checkups are ones filled with screaming and crying, but Bear just wanted to crawl all over the floor. While we were waiting for the doctor to come into our room, Bear had some fun opening and closing the cabinets. He's very into object permanence right now, in that he'll take an object, put it in a drawer or cabinet and then close the drawer or cabinet. He then opens the drawer and takes out whatever object he's put inside. He kept himself busy doing this with saltines and the doctor's cabinet yesterday and it was pretty funny to watch. By the time the doctor made it into the room, Bear himself was inside the cabinet! He only cried when he got shots (MMR and the last of 3 meningitis vaccines) and even then, he didn't cry for long. According to the measurements they took, Bear weighs 25.3 pounds (60th percentile) and he is 32.25 inches long (80th %). Max and I both think the length isn't very accurate, because that would mean that he only grew a quarter of an inch in 3 months. Maybe we'll attempt to get our own measurement this weekend.

Bear and I decided to celebrate the extra long nap he took after his doctor's visit by going swimming in our neighborhood pool. Bear is a definite natural in the water!! He was kicking his feet and paddling his arms at no instruction from me! I couldn't believe it and I have every intention of working with him lots this summer to get him to actually swim. He put his face in the water on his own and I turned him over on his back and let him float for a few seconds. I didn't get any pictures, sadly, but I just can't figure out how to take pics once I'm in the pool. I guess I'll have to get a friend to take some of us next time. I have a feeling we'll be at the pool quite a lot this summer. It's a nice way to count down the hours between Bear waking up from his nap until his Daddy comes home!

I did, however, get some 15 month pictures of him. He's getting less cooperative the older he gets, but I think some of those pictures are cute, too!

These were taken in the morning, before his doctor's appointment.
Please ignore the odd assortment of junk on our kitchen counter.

Loves his hat and these beads!

After the doctor and a nap:

Would rather look out the window.

Wants to get up!

We often find him standing in chairs these days.

Still loves books!! (Especially ones that include cement mixers.)

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