Sunday, April 19, 2009

His favorite things

I took a few pictures of Bear taking part in his most recent favorite activities:

Riding a car/truck through the house while watching The Wiggles and while drinking water/lemonade out of his straw cup:

Look at Momma!

Walking around his slide:

Climbing up his slide:

Walking all over the back yard (He only needs to hold onto one of Momma's fingers at this point!)

Looking back at Daddy:

He loves to climb up his roller coaster track. I'm not sure what happened to his other shoe.

Whoops! Fell off!

Got back on:

And climbed over:

Sitting in his chair and eating a snack:

Loves this blanket all of the sudden!

He loves to sit on Daddy's lap...and he wanted to wear this hat today!

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