Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sneaky boy!

Bear walked up to the baby gate (to keep the dogs out, but so they can still see us) we keep in front of the playroom today and acted like he wanted me to put him in there. So, I did and he just started playing...all by himself! He's done that before, but this time, I thought I'd test him and see just how long he was really happy all alone. I popped in a dvd and just let him play. I didn't hear anything for a few minutes, so I went in to check on him, thinking the whole time Oh, he's probably just really into his dvd and being problem! Well, when I looked in, here's what I saw:

Notice that his index finger is pushing the power button on the tv. The toy in front of the tv stand was placed there specifically so he would NOT be able to reach the tv buttons!

This is when it got scary for me! That toy has been moved FAR away from the tv stand!

I'm sure he'll just find something else to climb now, but I have stopped his efforts for the time being. He certainly keeps us on our toes!

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