Saturday, May 30, 2009


Bear and I went to the zoo yesterday with the MOMS club and we had quite a bit of fun! I didn't get too many pictures--it's kind of difficult juggling a toddler, a stroller, a purse filled with snacks and diapers, and a camera!

Here he is all ready to go! (The sunglasses are new and we hadn't taken the UV sticker off yet!)

We kept trying to get a good picture of us looking at the penguins. Here's a good one of the penguins, but not so much of us:

And here's a good one of us, but not the penguins! I love that you can see Kaitlyn climbing into Bear's stroller in the reflection!

Here's Bear going in to see the mice. I was kind of glad the mouse viewing was kid-sized and I didn't have to look at them. I don't really consider mice to be zoo animals and well, I kind of hate them.

Here's Bear taking a look at some flamingos. Man, he wanted to climb over that wall!

He liked this little cave on the zoo's playground.

Hey, what are these girls doing in my cave??

This is his new "surprise" face. He usually does this when we're going to visit Kaitlyn and he first sees her. I'm not sure why he was doing it just then!

Kaitlyn and Bear are ready to leave!!

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