Friday, July 17, 2009

My Big Boy

Barrett is turning into a kid right before my eyes! We just ate lunch out together and he sat in a booster seat all by himself and ate his bagel. It felt so weird to have him sitting across from me instead of next to me in a highchair. It was weird, but nice, too. In the past few weeks, he's switched from a highchair to a booster seat at home and he seems to love it. He hasn't even looked at the highchair in at least a week. We also bought him a toddler bed, which he is napping in as I type. This is the first time he's slept in it, so I guess we'll try it again tonight and see how it goes. He almost always ends up adjusting more quickly than I expect him to and hopefully this will be the same way.

Here he is playing around in the new big boy bed (before we put a mattress in it):

I just included this pic so the whole bed can be seen:

I think he likes it!

Happy to be at the table!

Eating breakfast in his new booster seat:

Picking out lunch:

Helping give the dogs biscuits before we go out for the day:

Uh oh, well, Barrett just woke up and wanted in his crib. We'll just have to wait a few days and try again! I really didn't expect to fully move him over to the new bed until he is two (in January), so I was surprised he was in it today. Oh well.

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