Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Guess what Max spent this weekend building for Barrett??!! A swing set! It's not completely finished yet, but it's completed enough for Barrett to play on it. My job while Max was outside building was to keep Barrett from doing things like the picture below. I'll admit I didn't do such a good job. Do you know how hard it is to keep a little boy from helping his daddy with tools? Pretty dang hard, apparently!

Here's the set. There are monkey bars that will be added to the right side and a slide will be added to the front. Also, there will be a tarp-like roof that goes over the little fort on top. Another swing and a glider are almost ready to hang, too. Check out Barrett sticking his head out the side of the clubhouse!

He was so happy when he discovered the clubhouse!

The planks on the back can be a desk or benches to sit on.

This is definitely Barrett's favorite part:

We've already logged HOURS on that swing.

Today, Barrett discovered that he can climb the ladder all by himself. Here ends Momma being able to let Barrett roam the backyard alone for a few minutes. Sob, sob!

Hi Momma! I love my new swing set!!


TheReynoldsFam said...

I know this sounds horrible, but he wouldn't really fall that far out of it if he did fall. I'd still let him roam free. Of course, yesterday I caught my child climbing on the outside of the stairway bannister. Frightening.

Jenny said...

That swing set is every child's dream come true! I'm sure many fond memories will be made there.

And you're boy is just precious!