Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Lake Michigan

On our last day of vacation in Michigan, we went to a beach on Lake Michigan with Grandpa, Grammy and Great Aunt Gina. There was a nice playground where Barrett enjoyed swinging and climbing about. We took our shoes off and headed down to the water, where Barrett had an even better time!

Here he is exploring the sand:

Pointing at Momma and Daddy, who were standing in the water:

He loved wandering all over the huge beach:

He also loved putting his feet in the lake:

It's too bad you can't hear him, because he's squealing with delight here:

Cold water!!

How cute are these footprints?

Walking around with Great Aunt Gina:

Walking off on his own:

Looking back to make sure we are still there:

Playing with Daddy in Lake Michigan:

Uh oh, Daddy, Barrett's shorts got all wet with that last wave!

Digging in the sand:

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Anonymous said...

It looks like everyone had a great time!!