Thursday, September 17, 2009


We've had a rough few days here, mostly due to teething (I think) so I decided to make a list of things Barrett has done that have made me laugh out loud in the past few weeks/months:

*I tried to teach him that there was a baby in Momma's belly and when I asked him where the baby was, he pointed to his own tummy.

*He's invented a game that he plays with Daddy where Barrett touches something and says "HOT!" and then Daddy says "NOT HOT!". It cracks Barrett up every time.

*He pretended the cat's tail was a telephone. He held it right up to his ear and said "Hello!".

*He tried to dress himself and managed to put his foot through the armhole of his pajama shirt.

*In an attempt to take a picture of him, I said (kind of sternly), "SIT DOWN, PLEASE!" and he said "NO SIT!!". This was the first time I'd heard him put two words together.

*He fed string cheese to his toy fire truck.

*We took him to Barnes and Noble to play at the train table and he picked up a train and proceeded to run around the store, shaking his head and saying "BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ". He has since started doing this almost everywhere we go.

*He insisted on wearing his bright green rain boots when we went out to run errands, even though it wasn't raining.


abbysmom said...

Welcome to toddlerhood!!!! Love it!!!

Andrea Harrington said...

I LOVE IT!! That made me laugh out loud - really like the picture with the boots!