Thursday, January 14, 2010

Barrett's 2nd Birthday Playgroup

Barrett's birthday is actually not until the 22nd, but we celebrated a little early with our playgroup.

Kaitlyn and Barrett snacked before the party.

Lighting Barrett's "2" candle.

He really wanted to blow it out.

He tried really hard!

But he just couldn't quite do it.

In retrospect, I probably should have turned his cupcake around for pictures.

Still trying to blow out the candle!

Might need some help...

He started to worry about the fire being "HOT"!

It took Momma, Emily, Kaitlyn and Barrett to finally blow out that darn candle!

Happy Boy!

I think he likes his cupcake.

Frosting face:


Kaitlyn's ready to eat her cupcake, too!

Our playgroup:

Barrett made a big mess with the frosting!

Silly Kaitlyn!

Frosting was even in his nostrils!

Being silly with Mr. Potato Head's (one of his gifts) glasses:

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abbysmom said...

LOVE this!! He is so cute! And you, mommy-to-be, look GREAT!!!