Thursday, January 28, 2010


Background to Barrett's latest feat:
For the past few months, he's been recognizing more and more numbers and letters. Right now, he recognizes numbers 1-10 and a little over half of the alphabet. He can name them when they're written by someone, on his foam letters/numbers in the tub, in books, on signs, etc. You get the picture...he's always pointing them out! I've been quite proud of him, if I do say so myself! I keep thinking that he's going to be an early reader like both his Momma and Daddy are reported to have been.

So last night, Barrett and Daddy were in the playroom while I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. They were reading books together and one of his books has a magnetic drawing board attached to the top. The night before this, I was in there with them and I wrote some numbers and letters on the board and asked him to name them, which he did. Well, last night he decided to take it a step further and wrote a letter himself!

I heard him saying, "B!" a few times and then Daddy asked, "Have you ever seen him do that before?" I sure hadn't! I was so proud, I even called my mom to tell her! Sometimes I can't believe how fast his little mind works.

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abbysmom said...

This is AMAZING!!! Be proud!