Thursday, March 18, 2010

Corinne Lindsay is here!

Corinne Lindsay was born on March 10 at 10:33am. She weighed 8 lb 6oz and was 20.5 inches long!

Okay, so she's been here for a week now, but as you can probably guess, posting pictures on a blog isn't exactly my highest priority right now. I'm more interested in, oh, I don't know...taking care of my kids. Anyhow, here's some pics we've gotten so far:

Here we are the night before the birth--our last day as a family of 3!

Here she is!

She got cut during the c-section (sounds horrible, but apparently it's not all that uncommon), so she had to have some surgery to repair it. She got 5-6 stitches and is back to being perfect, but here's a picture of her in the NICU. The worst part? She had to stay at a different hospital than Momma, who only got to hold her for about 20 minutes before they took her away from me to transport her. Here's a picture Daddy took at the NICU so Momma wouldn't whine so much about not being able to see her for almost 2 whole days. I won't be sharing the pics with the breathing tube in. The IV pics are sad enough, don't you think?

On the way home, finally! She was pooped!

Daddy with his 2 babies!

First sponge bath:

She wasn't really a fan.

Momma with her 2 babies!

Family of four!

She's been a really good baby so far! She's mostly done lots of sleeping and eating, as most newborns do. She sleeps better than her brother did at this point, only waking at night to eat and then goes right back to bed. She had one bad night that we attributed to digestive problems, but we think we have that under control for now. Barrett is doing great with her. He likes to help with feeding and diaper changing, but honestly, he ignores her for the most part. He loves her and asks for her first thing every morning, but seems to understand that he can't touch her all that much. Whenever he leaves with Daddy (or anyone who is visiting us) he says "Bye, baby!!" and kisses her. It's very cute.


Lauren said...

Congratulations!!! So glad all is well! She's beautiful!! (And I'm jealous-- so ready to have this baby!) :)

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