Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bear is 10 months old!

I can't believe my boy is ten months old already. Some days seem really slow, but as a whole, his little life has flown by for me! We're really looking forward to the holidays with him. For Thanksgiving, I'm excited about letting him try different foods. I know, I know, but it doesn't take much to excite me these days. He's pretty open to new things, obviously some foods go over better than others. He likes (A LOT) just about any kind of bread I've given him and he seems pretty happy to try any veggie, as long as I mush it up to the exact consistency he desires (a preference that changes daily). Meat is another story...he likes those nasty little meat sticks made for toddlers, so I give them to him sometimes (even though my friends make fun of me). Other meat he's not so interested in. He's also taken a liking to any kind of bean and to cottage cheese lately. I'm glad that he likes both of those, so I don't have to worry about his protein coming from meat.

What I'm most looking forward to for Thanksgiving is my family getting to spend some time with him. My dad and his wife haven't seen him since July and of course, he's changed a ton since then. My dad really misses him--he calls to say hi to us and gets cracked up at Bear making a bunch of noise in the background. My dad's laugh is infectious, so that in turn gets me laughing as well. Plus, all the jabbering Bear does becomes background noise to me and it's nice to have someone point it out and make me remember that it definitely sounds like he's trying to communicate something to us. My brother and brother in law are also coming to visit for Thanksgiving and I'm excited that they get to spend more than just a couple of hours with Bear. I've visited Nashville with Bear twice, and that's the only time my BIL has been able to spend with him, so it should be nice to see them get to interact a little more. My brother has been here once to visit, but Bear was only 2 months old, so he wasn't too exciting yet. He's also seen him on those trips to Nashville, but more time would be great.

I'm not sure who's coming to visit yet, but I think Christmas will be a fun time as well. Even though Bear doesn't have any idea that the actual day of Christmas is different than any other day, we can still get him involved in activities that surround that holiday. For example, I think we are going to visit Santa today! Max and I were trying to guess at Bear's reaction to Santa last night. On the one hand, he could be great! He's really been a little ham lately when it comes to the camera. He grins or at least faces us for a picture. He also likes to pull at beards (my dad, grandpa and brother all have them), so he may think Santa is the best thing ever. On the other hand, he may think we're trying to leave him and cry his little eyes out. We'll just have to see. We're going to see Santa at the Bass Pro Shop, oddly enough, but I've been told they have a really great setup--lots of trains and Christmas lights and a big tree. The Santa was reported to look more authentic than the mall Santa and hopefully the lines will be shorter, too! Hopefully, it will be a good experience. I'll report back soon--with pictures!

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