Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Upcoming Thanksgiving

I am so grateful that my dad, my brother and BIL (I think) will be coming to visit us for Thanksgiving. That means we don't have to go anywhere! Bear has been a good traveler for us so far, but traveling with a baby is just stressful to me. The biggest problem is the sleeping--Bear gets all off track and doesn't get good sleep, so it's hard to know how he's going to act during the days. I'm sure if we stayed anywhere for any length of time he'd fall into some sort of pattern, but it would probably have to be for more than a week and it's unlikely that we'd go anywhere for that long. The sleep deal is so fragile, actually, that I sheepishly asked my brother if he'd mind sleeping on an air mattress in our living room so that Bear doesn't have to give up his room. My brother happily obliged, and I am so glad. I really think it will be easier for everyone involved if we keep daily routines as normal as possible for Bear.

I really should be focusing on getting the house ready for visitors rather than blogging, but oh well. I'm even in the room that needs the most work (carpet cleaning), but I've decided to focus on that this weekend. Right now, I'm pretty focused on spending time with my friends. I have two best friends here, both of which I've made through the moms club that I'm part of. One of them is moving away shortly after Thanksgiving, so I'm making it a priority to spend as much time with her as possible before she leaves. I'm so lucky to have 2 good friends! I would be really down in the dumps if I had only bonded with one fellow mom and then she ended up moving. I'm not sure that I'd like living here nearly as much as I do without the moms club and the friendships that have formed out of it. Actually, I know I wouldn't like it as much. The town itself is okay, but I need those friendships to REALLY like it here. As much as I liked the actual town in TX that we lived in before moving here, it doesn't compare to how I feel about living here. And the difference is definitely in the friendships I've made. Even before I had Bear, the job I had here was so much better than the one I had in TX. When we moved from TN to TX, I was excited for something new and when we moved from TX to here, I felt kind of the same way. If we had to move from here right now, though, I would be sad. Part of it is that I really like the house we have here and this is where Bear was born, so I'd like to stay for a bit. However, I have to face reality. We most likely will move at some point in order to keep Max on a good career path. I have no idea when that will be, but I do know that when the time comes, it will be the saddest I've ever been to leave somewhere. Hopefully, we'll get to stay here for at least a few more years!

Something else that's been on my mind: PREGNANCY! Now, I'm not pregnant, but there are several people around me that either are or have recently had a baby or are trying to get pregnant, and it has really gotten me thinking. Is the universe trying to tell me something? Maybe so. Are we ready? Maybe so. We've been talking about it almost every day and how now that Bear is doing certain things (like sleeping thru the night!!), having another baby will be easier now than it would have been a couple of months ago. I do wish he'd start walking before I got to the point in the pregnancy where it will be difficult to lift him, but I feel pretty confident that that will be the case. I remember my back hurting pretty early on though, like even before I got very big, so I need to think about that. Oh well, just random thoughts so I can procrastinate on the cleaning for even longer!

Do I really want to look like this again? Maybe so!

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Anonymous said...

Yes you do!! Bear needs a little sister or brother. :) And a cousin too!