Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bad Momma

I had yet another bad momma moment today. Lately these moments have been occurring when Bear falls, and even though I'm right there, I don't react quickly enough to catch him. His cry is very accusatory, by the way. Today was different, though. A fellow mom friend called to ask if we wanted to go to The Play Place today, which, from what I understand, is a place that has all these different toys to play with for a flat fee (Bear would have gotten in for free). There's a dress up station and a little kitchen station, among other things. We've never been, but there are apparently things there for a kid Bear's age to play with and it sounded fun. Bear had several little coughing fits last night while he was sleeping--nothing bad enough to wake him up, but nevertheless, he was coughing. So I let my friend know that we should probably skip the activity for today and maybe try again later this week when Bear might be feeling better. I was feeling like a good mom for making this decision. Bear needed rest and I didn't traipse him all around town so his nose could run on other people's toys. Anyhow, when he woke up this morning, he seemed to be in a great mood. He ate a little, he played and just seemed generally like he was feeling better. Since we'd already canceled the Play Place trip, I decided to make a trip to the gym and leave him in the child care room. He was just fine when I dropped him off, but an hour and fifteen minutes later when I went to pick him up he was anything but fine. They had him in a swing and he was all humped over with his nose running into the tray of the swing. He was sound asleep, which never happens at child care, because he's usually too busy playing or getting attention. He woke up when I stopped the swing and he just stared off into space. The woman working there handed me a tissue so I could catch the nastiness that was coming out of his nose and I asked if his nose was running the whole time. Her response? "Yeah, A LOT." Well, that made me feel like crap. I stammered something along the line of "Oh, I'm so sorry! I thought he was feeling better, or I never would have dropped him off here." Then I made the mistake of asking if he cried at all before falling into the deep stupor he was in when I arrived. Again, she said, "Yeah, A LOT." Crap. I hate being a bad momma.

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Lauren said...

Oh no! Poor baby (you and him)! You would think they'd call you if your kid was sick-- how were you supposed to know?