Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goody two shoes

I decided it was time that the boy had some shoes. It's warm in MS for a LOOOONG time and up until this point, he really hasn't needed them. Now that he's wanting to stand all the time, he and I are constantly battling about the fact that he wants DOWN. RIGHT NOW. I don't want his bare feet to touch certain things like the floor at playgrounds at places like Chick Fil A and McDonald's, outdoor playgrounds, restaurants or shopping malls. I don't really care if his feet get dirty, because I can always wash them, but he tends to put his toes in his mouth when I'm changing his diaper or when he's bored in his car seat. Anyhow, I bought him some CUTE shoes at a consignment store this morning!

This pair was an especially good find to me, mostly because we have 2 black and tan dachshunds, but also because I'd been looking for a pair of these leather booty type shoes for a while and the brand name ones are $25- $30!! I paid $10 for these, which retail for around $25.

These are just classic and I knew I'd buy some for my child before he even existed. However, they retail for around $20, and that's a little steep for shoes that probably won't get much use since he can't walk yet. I got these for $8. I love good deals!

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Anonymous said...

AHHH- i love the doggie shoes!! Those are to perfect - can't wait to see them on him!

Miss ya