Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Trip recap

Well, our travels were better than I ever imagined. The whole way there, Bear slept. He woke up every few hours, so we'd stop for a bit. Whenever we headed back out, he would just fall asleep again. He got a little cranky near the end of the trip (14 hours!!), so I hopped in the back with him to keep him entertained. He was such a good little traveler!

We did so much and visited so many people while we were there, and luckily, Bear was happy to do anything we wanted. We got lots of comments about what a good baby he was and how he was very UNLIKE his mother. Apparently, I was not such a good baby. I tried to tell all my relatives that Bear was a good boy because of my parenting skills, but they knew better. He's really gotten happier and more relaxed in the past few weeks, actually. I think it's all because he's able to move around on his own now.

And guess what???!!! He started crawling while we were at my grandmother's house! It blew me away! I was very glad that Max brought the video camera. My grandmother said something about him crawling to get a toy, and I thought she meant he scooted on his tummy like he had been doing for the past month. Then I actually saw him crawling and I got all excited. My grandma didn't realize we'd never seen him do that! He's now started pulling up on furniture and he's already fallen many a time. He hit the back of his head pretty hard yesterday, so we decided that we should move our coffee table out of the living room until he gets better at balancing. It's just too tall for him to pull up on and we couldn't get him to stop. Our living room looks like a day care center for the time being. It's full of toys and little rugs for Bear to play on and it's only going to get worse! My mom is coming to visit tomorrow evening and is staying through Sunday, and I'm sure Bear will acquire some new loot during her stay. We're also planning on buying a foam play mat in the hopes that most of his falls will occur on that. I know kids have to learn to balance on their own, but I hate to see our boy hit his head so much. We just don't have a lot of carpet for him to play on.

The way back wasn't as ideal, but we were all tired of being in the car, so I completely understand Bear's semi-meltdown on Sunday night. It wasn't all that bad, when I think back on it, but he was upset for a couple of hours and did NOT want to be in his car seat any longer. We ended up driving for just a few hours on Sunday night and then spending the night in a hotel. Bear was in a much better mood on Monday morning when we took off again. I can tell he's glad to be back home and back to normal. Me too!

Here are a few pictures from our trip:

Bear and his Great Grandpa Poziwilko

Excited about crawling!!

Watching the boats in Lake Michigan

In front of my favorite lighthouse with Daddy

Not sure about this sand and waves business.

With all of his great grandparents

He loved my cousin Hanna and she loved him!

See? Look at all that love.

Swinging at Great Grandma Pullins' lake house

This lake is cold!!

He loved this little motorized car! And so did Momma--it was powered by a pole on the back.

Getting ready to take off on his first boat ride. He's not a fan, by the way.

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Lauren said...

So, so cute! We're actually going on a trip to visit family in a few weeks, and Brady will also get to spend time with his grandparents, go to the water for the first time, etc. He's also getting closer and closer to crawling-- it seems his whole little life happens about 3 weeks after Barret's. I'll have to keep reading your blog as a window into our future. :)