Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Worst night ever

I'm pretty sure I had the worst night ever with Bear last night. Just now am I regaining the energy that was sucked out of me over the past twenty four hours. He's been sick with a cold, a sinus infection and some sort of stomach mess, but never has he had a night as bad as last night...not even as a newborn!

It started off okay--Max went out with a friend to watch Monday Night Football and I stayed home to enjoy some much needed mindless television. Bear had dinner and a bath as usual and after his jammies were on, we played in the living room for a bit. He started to get very sleepy around 8:00 and all I could think was Awww crap! You see, the prior two nights were blissful. He slept approximately 9.5 hours each night, without waking up AT ALL, IN HIS OWN BED! However, he didn't actually go to bed until 10:30 or 11, which is fine with me. I should have known it was too good to be true. So, at 9:15, I just could not keep him awake anymore. He fell asleep in my arms and I put him in his crib, where he slept until 10. I rocked him for a just a few minutes and he quickly fell back to sleep. I thought everything was good, but he woke up again at 11. I tried to rock him again, but it was a no go. At 11:30 when Max got home, I was still trying. I tried for what seemed like a very long time and at 12:30 I decided to just let him cry for a bit. He was very obviously tired and going nuts from not being able to sleep. Everything seemed to distract him, including me, so I just laid him in his crib and turned on the monitor. He cried, then screamed for a little bit. After about 15 minutes, he started coughing. After a tiny coughing fit, he went back to screaming. In the past, the screaming part has not lasted for long, so after about 20 more minutes, I decided to check in on him. I am so glad I did, because he had vomited all over his bed! It was in his hair, in his ear and even in his eye. It was all over his pajamas and got all over mine in the process of picking him up. I cleaned him up in the sink and attempted to put him back in his crib. He was having no part of that! I ended up taking him into our bed at about 2:00, where he slept very soundly until 6:45 when he got up for the day. And yes, that was all the sleep I got. The night was complicated by the fact that Bear thrashed around so that Max ended up spending some of the night on the couch. That, in turn, confused the dogs who normally sleep with us. They weren't sure where Max was and they wanted to sleep next to him. I had to get up a couple times to let them in and/or out of the bedroom.

Who knows what tonight will bring?! I'm going to attempt to keep the boy awake until at least 10, when I feel like he'll sleep better. I hope I'm right and I hope I can stay up that long. I'm pretty tired since I slept all of 5 hours or so last night. I did take about a 30 minute nap while Bear napped. He took 2 naps today, which is normal for him, but they were much shorter than usual. I've got my fingers crossed that tonight goes better than last. I certainly don't see how it can go any worse!

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Lauren said...

Oh no! I have nothing constructive to tell you... but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you tonight!