Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Doctor and vacation babble

Well, I broke down and made a doctor's appointment. The sinus infection that I had apparently never really went away and that's why I've been feeling crummy again. I got a prescription for some more antibiotics and I also got a shot that should help dry up some of the fluid that's causing an earache. While I was at the doctor, I decided to ask him about the pain I've had in my tailbone since Bear was born. I asked my ob/gyn about it at my 6 week appointment, and he said that it was probably bruised and would just take a little while to heal. Well, Bear's seven months old and it's still bothering me, so I asked if I should be doing something different to help it heal. The doctor that I visited today x-rayed it, and do you believe that it might be fractured??!! He's going to send it off to a radiologist to check for sure, but he said that there's a little spot on the x-ray that he can't quite decide if it's cracked or not. I suppose there's not much that can be done if it is fractured, but it would be nice to be able to explain the pain. If it is indeed fractured, I don't think this would be the time to get pregnant again. But I'll talk to the doctor about that at my next appointment sometime after we get back from MI.

Speaking of MI, I am definitely getting excited about our trip this time around. I'm looking forward to spending time with my relatives and relaxing a little. I'm sure other people will want to hold Bear while we are there, so maybe I won't have to quite as much! I just hope he sleeps well there. I am a little worried about that, but he slept at my friend's house today while I was at the doctor. He did very well for being babysat for the first time! He took a nap and ate normally, so maybe I'm worrying about how he'll be in MI for nothing. He seems quite adaptable during the day--he falls asleep at many a MOMS club meeting/playdate. It's the nights I'm worried about. If he doesn't get his dinner and his bath by a certain time, he almost goes insane. Hopefully we won't be put in situations to where we can't do those things on time.

Well, I'm just going to relax for the rest of the day. I've got lots of packing and straightening up to do tomorrow before we leave on Thursday, so I'll need to be rested up for that. I think either the shot or the antibiotics are making me a little woozy, so I just can't bring myself to start packing today. I've got all day tomorrow and I should be feeling at least a little better by then, so I'll get it done then.

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kate said...

have a great trip....how on earth would you have broken your tailbone. I hope you get the answers you need.