Saturday, August 23, 2008

7 months old!

Bear is seven months old! Amazingly, he reached 2 new milestones on the exact day he turned 7 months old--he can sit up all by himself and he started reaching into his toy box/baskets to see what's in there! Max and I were joking last night that he just didn't want us to write in his baby book that he could sit up at 6 months. He was only able sit up for a few seconds if I sat with him and helped him out when he started to reach for something. And he's ALWAYS reaching for something! He's a very busy baby and he can't be entertained by one toy for too long. Fortunately, now that he can sit up for longer periods, he's a little better about having a better attention span. I think when he's on his tummy, he's too interested in moving around to stay focused on one thing for very long.

I'm still cautious of him toppling over (you can see me sitting behind him below), but he's learned to support himself with his hands and can get into a crawling position from there. I probably wouldn't be so nervous if we didn't have mostly hardwood and tile for him to play on, but he's learning to catch himself with his hands, so maybe soon I won't worry so much. I'm sure I'll just find a new worry, though!

He's so interested in what's going on around him and we don't want him to get bored, so we've bought him a couple new toys lately. He now has a little soccer goal (see above) that he LOVES and a new penguin that he can bat at (see below).

He loves to go for walks and just recently started drinking water from a sippy cup. He doesn't quite have the mechanics down to be able to drink from it on his own yet, but he's getting there. He doesn't understand that he has to lean his head back to get to the water! He tries, though, so I'm sure we'll be marveling at that new accomplishment any day now.

He's getting more hair all of the sudden, as well. Only his Momma is allowed to say it, so don't you even try, but he was looking like he had a comb-over for a little while and I wondered what shape his hair was going to take. His hair's not the best texture for this Mississippi humidity, but it's gotten thicker and not as wispy.

One unfortunate (for me, anyway) development of Bear's is that he now cries whenever I leave the room. On one hand, I guess it's cool that he notices, but on the other hand, it's pretty annoying to feel guilty for going to the bathroom. He's actually okay as long as he's not alone and it doesn't seem to matter who's in the room, but we're home by ourselves much of the time. It's odd though--if he and Max are in a room together and I'm not around, Max can leave without much fuss from Bear. If it's me in the room, however, boy does he get upset!

The sleeping that I mentioned the other day is still going well. We had one setback night, due to teething, we think. He woke up just about every hour the night before last and he just could not be consoled. Tylenol, teething tablets, formula and Momma rocking him were all tried and nothing worked, so we are going to blame the teeth. He has two teeth on the bottom right now and we think his top gum looks a little swollen, so hopefully he'll cut the tooth that's bothering him soon. Last night, we were pretty much back to normal, with just one wake-up. More sleep for Momma is never frowned upon!

I was mentioning to Max last night that I don't know how or why I can be so proud of our Bear for doing things that every baby does, but I sure am! I can't help it. I suppose every parent feels that way about his or her own child, but the pride is a little overwhelming. I wonder when/if it stops or slows down? I know eventually he won't be reaching new developments quite so quickly, but I can't imagine how proud I'll be when he learns to walk or read or ride a bike or kick a ball!

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