Sunday, August 24, 2008

It's raining, it's pouring...

Today is the day that we are supposed to get the leftovers from tropical storm Fay, and boy are we getting them! It rained just about all night, it's raining right now and it's supposed to keep raining for much of the day. I suppose we're going to hang at home, then. It's just too much effort to keep Bear (and me!) dry while wrestling him in and out of the car seat.

We wanted to go out shopping or something yesterday before the rain hit, but the part for our broken washing machine came in the mail, so Max elected to work on that instead. And I am so proud of him, because he fixed it! We were marveling over the fact that he was successful last night and we both decided that he still was not to be described as "handy", but rather "resourceful". Do you believe that he did internet research on our model washer and found a video where we could hear the exact bad noise our washer was making? Then, he found a manual showing how to fix it. Even when he didn't quite fix it correctly and the smell of burning rubber permeated our house, he found a document written by a person that made that same mistake. Anyhow, now it's fixed and I'm pretty happy about that. It would have been really difficult to take a baby that wants to crawl on the floor all the time to a laundromat, because there's no way in heck I'm going to put him on the floor there!

Hopefully now we can focus on the air conditioning problem in Max's car. We'd like to take that car on our trip to MI (which we are leaving for on Thursday), but not if the blower still isn't working! Cool air comes out, but not with any force at all, so the windows have to be down. We had already packed up that car with Bear's car seat and didn't want to take it out and reposition it in my car just to have to put it back in Max's car again, so I've been driving it this week. Poor Bear...every time we get out, his hair and back are all sweaty. I hate for him to get too hot. I've been offering him lots of water after we've gone somewhere, but I just don't feel like that's good enough. Max's car is a little bigger than mine and would be nicer for our trip, but if it turns out that we can't get the blower fixed right away, we can always take my car.

Well, Bear just keeps getting better and better with his sleeping and Momma couldn't be happier! Last night he slept solidly from 10pm until about 6am, at which point I brought him back to our bed. Do you believe we slept until 8:45?? We haven't slept past 7:00 in such a long time! I feel very well rested today, but the day feels like it's going by quickly. I suppose I should have been doing things around the house while he's napping, but I felt like blogging instead. Oh well.

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