Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One of these kids is not like the others...

So I joined this SAHM group about a month ago, thinking it would do me some good to get out a little and maybe even make some new friends. This group has one night per month when they go out without kids, otherwise the kids are always welcome. This past month, the moms night out event was a murder mystery dinner, which I really enjoyed. I talked to some other moms and got to know them a little better and our team even won by correctly guessing whodunnit. After a business meeting where we discussed upcoming events, however, I got a little worried. Now, I consider myself a person that is easy to get along with, but I never have just a ton of friends. I can get along with just about anyone, but only feel close with a few. I may have just tuned in to why this is...I have virtually no interests in common with many women my age! Should this frighten me? Am I boring? I've never felt that I was, but the next two upcoming moms night out events sound almost like Chinese water torture to me.

Next month, the group is planning a "wedding memories" party. They are going to meet at someone's house and bring their wedding albums to share with everyone else. Now, they are going to be enjoying some adult beverages while doing this, but come on! First of all, I'm not a big wedding fan. Of course, I'm married, so I did have one, but it involved a Texas courthouse visit and a trip to Nashville to my mom's neighborhood clubhouse for a small reception. And that was all I wanted, REALLY!! Anyhow, we do have pictures from that, but they're not in an album or anything. They're on CD and still on the memory stick in our camera. IT JUST WASN'T THAT BIG OF A DEAL, and I just don't see hanging out all night talking about how skinny we used to be as a fun activity. Besides, I actually weigh less now (yep, even after the baby) than I did two years ago when we got married, so there. :)

The following month is a "Sex and the City" party. They are going to see the movie and then going back to someone's place to have fancy drinks, which are apparently featured quite a bit in the show. I wouldn't know...I've never seen a full episode and I don't really have any desire to. I found the idea of a television show that basically encourages whoredom kind of repulsive, even if I am kind of a whore. Just kidding...I'm no ho, but I just never got into the show. I have a few friends who loved it, though, so maybe I don't know what I'm missing. I doubt it, though, television hasn't wowed me in a long time. I watch certain shows and I even tune into some shallow, dumb ones like American Idol, but I just don't think I'd like this.

So I guess the next 2 months of moms night out are no good for me. There are a few other activities planned in which I am going to participate in the meantime, so maybe that will be a good enough outlet for me. I hope so...I don't want to be the odd woman out. I just can't believe that I would be, though. I mean, I'm so ordinary and normal! Right???

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