Thursday, July 24, 2008

Busy, busy, busy!

We've been busy (as you may have guessed from the title) around here for the past few days! Bear turned 6 months old on Tuesday and we really wanted professional 6 month pictures of him, so I made an appointment at a new place here in town. It was a pretty good experience, other than the fact that we spent too much. If you've been keeping up with my blog, you may remember that I complained about spending too much when we got the 3 month pictures taken. Well, this time I invited Max, just to prevent such a thing from happening. My plan failed. Max spent even more than I did! He just got caught up in the difficulties of having to turn down some of the poses. Now he's all fired up and ready for when we do pictures next, which may not be at 9 months as we'd originally planned, since we've spent so much on pics already! Oh well, we take plenty of pictures at home, really. It's just nice to have professional ones done, too.

Later on Tuesday night, we went out for Mexican food. For some reason, the person seating us thought Bear was old enough for a booster seat, so we tried it out. He kept almost sliding out and under the table, so I turned him around to where he was facing me. That worked much better. I was able to feed him his dinner while we were waiting for our food to come and while Daddy and Momma sipped on much needed margaritas! While we were eating, Bear got a little bored, so I got out a little snack cup of cereal pieces we packed in his diaper bag. The lid on the cup opens in a half moon shape, presumably so kids can just get out the snacks themselves. Bear is a little young to be grabbing his own snacks, especially since he hasn't developed the skill of getting his hand to his mouth yet, but he didn't care. He wanted to get his own snacks out and he let me know that he was MAD about me moving the snack cup by throwing his very FIRST TEMPER TANTRUM!!! He started waving his fists and crying very loudly for a few minutes. Max and I just looked at each other and laughed...we couldn't believe his reaction to not getting what he wanted. We've both seen him be frustrated by not being able to reach something or by having us try and change his diaper when he's ready to eat, but nothing like what we saw that night! It was funny, but I think we're in for more tantrums with this boy!

Yesterday, Bear had his 6 month check up. He's still growing well. He weighs 19.7 pounds (80th percentile), he's 28 inches long (90th percentile) and his head is 44.25 cm (65th %). He did well, until he had to get some shots, of course. I was very complimentary of the nurse who administered his vaccines, however. She did it so fast, Bear only had to scream for about 30 seconds. We've realized that he's quickly fixed with a bottle of formula. We get to wait until he's 9 months old for another check up, and that one won't include any shots. There is a finger prick to test for anemia, but that shouldn't be nearly as traumatic for the boy.

When we got home from the doctor, we had visits from our friends Ericka, Kayli and Julia; the Orkin man and the UPS man! Look what the UPS man brought:

A new wagon from Grandma Susan and Granddad Ted! Stuart wanted to get in on the fun, too:

Then, Stuart decided there wasn't much room, so he got out and pushed:

That wasn't much fun. Stuart's not too strong, so Bear got out and pushed:

Stuart was saw that Bear was stronger than he, so he thought this would be the best idea of all:

Thank you Grandma Susan and Granddad Ted!! We love the walker wagon!

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abbysmom said...

Those are great pictures. I know everyone has told you, but enjoy all of this. The time really does fly!!! Miss you!