Monday, July 21, 2008

Updated update

The tooth is here!! A little corner of the tooth came through. It happened so quickly! I honestly think it broke the skin while I was working out. I dropped Bear off at the gym child care and when I picked him up I checked the spot where said tooth would be, and there it was!

Also, I keep meaning to blog about this and keep forgetting, so while the boy is napping I'll tell you a funny story. Bear and I went to the library for story time the other day and then went to lunch with some friends. Bear fell asleep on the way to lunch and slept the entire time I was at the restaurant. It was nice just to talk with friends and not worry about him grabbing stuff off the table or getting bored, but he is HEAVY in his car seat. He hasn't quite grown out of his infant seat, so I've still been using it just for occasions such as this--the new one won't come out of the car, so if he falls asleep while we're out, I'll just have to wake him. Anyhow, since he was sleeping, I decided to go to the grocery store, where I can set his seat in the cart and he can continue snoozing. I did just that--loaded him into the cart and headed into the store. As I was pushing the cart into the store, an employee stopped me and said something like Awww, you've got your baby in there sleeping! Or wait, is that your grandbaby? I must have looked shocked, because the kid looked all surprised and I said Grandbaby?? Are you kidding me?? I'm not quite there yet!! In the kid's defense, we do live in Mississippi and I'm too lazy to look it up, but I'm pretty sure this is some sort of teenage pregnancy capital of the United States. So, if I'd had a kid when lots of people here have kids (16 or so) and then he or she had a kid at 16 as well, I guess I would be of grandparenting age. I was offended until I thought about that. I was just thinking that I needed a SERIOUS makeover if I look like somebody's grandma already! And don't get me wrong grandparents...there are lots of people out there that are most definitely grandparents that don't look old enough to be, but come on! To guess that I am a grandmother, I would think that I would have some characteristics of an older looking person. I have zero gray hairs and not many wrinkles (at least not deep ones!) and I even get told pretty often that I look younger than my age. So there.

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