Saturday, July 5, 2008

Little Firecracker

I didn't get a chance to post yesterday--we were at a neighbor's house for most of the day and then I was too tired by the time we got home. We had a good 4th, although Bear took virtually no naps. We even took along his Pack N Play, but he was just too busy with the neighbor's children to take the time out. Surprisingly, he was in a good mood for much of the time...even with no sleep. He also slept well last night, which baffles me. Usually, when he doesn't sleep well during the day, he doesn't sleep well at night, either. He is always changing on us! Oh well, I'll take the good changes! We did get some excellent pictures of our "Little Firecracker" yesterday:


abbysmom said...

Did he like the fireworks? Abby slept right thru all the fireworks/firecrackers here! Which is a good thing, I guess.

Amanda said...

What a cutie!!!! Glad to hear you guys had an awesome 4th!!!!

Remember my surprise??? Well I've finally decided to let the cat outta the bag, come check it out!!! :)