Friday, June 20, 2008

Bear the Pianist

Well, I don't want to spend too much time blogging today since my mom is here visiting, but I just had to share the adorable little piano that Daddy bought for Bear. It was really strange...Max found it on Craig's List on the same day that I was looking at them on Amazon. We didn't talk about it at all, but Max got on the computer and I hadn't shut the page I was looking at. When he realized that I was looking at them, too, and that they were between $100 and $200 on Amazon, we decided we should take advantage of the $35 one on Craig's List. It is adorable, even if Bear can't really use it yet. The cat likes to sleep under it for now, so the picture I took has a mad looking cat under it. I suppose that also lets you see the exact size of the piano, though!

1 comment:

abbysmom said...

I like the piano. Is it real or electric- like a keyboard? And tell your mom hi for me!