Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Water baby

Bear just loves his bath time! If he's ever overtired or just a little grouchy, I can give him a bath and he's perfect for those precious few minutes. He doesn't seem to mind water in his face, either. Of course, I don't push his face into the water or anything, but he only looks mildly surprised when I've accidentally poured some in his eyes. I hope he can sit up on his own pretty soon, because right now, he's getting a little hard to control in the tub. We use the baby tub because he's not that big of a boy yet, but also because I think he would slip from my grip in the big tub. There's a problem with the baby tub right now, though. Bear is getting longer (by the minute, it seems!) and when I lay him back to wash his hair, he just kicks and kicks the other end of the little tub. Well, that often means that I either pour water in his face because he is moving so much or I lose my grip on him and almost drop him in the water. I know that neither of those misfortunes is really going to hurt him, I just don't want him to have a bad experience and get scared of the water. I remember that bath time for my brother was always a serious battle for my mom. My brother was so freaked out by water getting in his face and he would practically gouge his own eyes out trying to hold a washcloth so tight over them. He never wanted his hair washed and would cry when it had to be washed. And that was when he was 14. Just kidding. He was really 2 or 3, I think. Anyhow, since Bear seems to have a natural love of the water, I'd like it to stay that way. We have a pool in our neighborhood, which I have used exactly one time this year. The water was way too cold and a really annoying teenage couple came to swim at about the same time we did. You know the kind-where the girl keeps shrieking because the boy is threatening to throw her in. Then the boy does throw her in, which causes even louder shrieking...annoying! We left shortly after that couple got there, but Bear enjoyed the little time he had in the water. Unfortunately, I didn't get any's hard to take pics when I'm actually IN the water with him! I hope to take him swimming some more this year, because I think he'll really enjoy it once he gets used to the idea. Also, there's a swimming school here that starts lessons at 6 months, and I'd like to at least know if he likes the pool before I pay for lessons.

This is a repeat for those of you that regularly check our picture website, but I wanted everyone to see the boy enjoying his bath:

He really enjoys the part after the bath, as well. Who wouldn't want a little massage done by me??

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