Sunday, June 8, 2008

Quiet weekend

We haven't done too much of interest this weekend, which is just fine with me (and with Bear, too, I think!). We did some shopping yesterday just to get out of the house and bought Bear a couple of cute new outfits. I feel like we're always buying that kid clothes, but I never feel like we have too many. He's growing so fast that we just keep buying bigger sizes, which he'll only wear for a few weeks before he needs the next size. Clothing that is labeled 6-9 months is a very different size than clothing simply labeled 9 months! Bear's biggest problem with clothing is with onesies and anything else that requires his torso to be a certain length. He keeps getting longer and that's typically why the clothes don't fit him anymore, not because he's too wide. I hope he continues to grow that way and doesn't inherit his momma's metabolism! Hopefully he'll be like his daddy and just keep getting taller and leaner. It certainly seems like he's taking after Max in that respect, although it's hard to tell in a 4.5 month old, I suppose. However, we've been looking at our baby books and I actually was pretty small and didn't gain much weight in the first year of my life. Max, on the other hand, was a little smaller than Bear is now, but the way Bear is gaining weight and height is proportional to the way Max did. So, maybe Bear will get the lucky draw and get Daddy's body type.

Oh well, since I don't have too much to report, here's a really cute picture of the boy:

And here's one where you can see that his hair is starting to get curly. He only has two curls on the back of his head right now and they look a little silly, but I am NOT cutting them! I want to see how curly they get. Max's hair was pretty curly as a baby and is wavy now, so maybe Bear's is going to be the same way:


Anonymous said...

Hey Amanda-
Yes, Megan and Abby are very much was funny, they would have very similar reactions to vaccinations and sometimes when Abby is having a problem, Megan will too...we then find out it was at the same time.
They are only 3 days apart!

abbysmom said...

We had the same problems with Abby. Thankfully, Sean is tall and lean. I'm REALLY praying that she gets his metabolism. We go back to the Dr. for her 15 month check-up on the 20th, so I'll let you know what's going on with her stats (officially), but I still think she's pretty tall. I don't think she's all that "big" though. She's still in size 3 diapers. She does get a bog 'ole belly after she eats though. I think the onesie extenders help. If you would like, I'll send you the ones I have- if I can find them! But shopping is always fun!

kate said...

Megan is also wearing size 3 diapers. My Megan is a tiny girl, last time at the doctors she was only 50% for height and 25% for weight.
You know when to change diaper sizes when you start to notice leaks and it is getting harder and harder to diaper them.
Another factor is that once they hit 9-12 months they start slowing down in their growth, they are more mobile so the weight gain is slower.