Monday, June 23, 2008

I took the plunge!

Well, I finally did it. I joined a gym. I have been meaning to do this ever since Bear was born, and I have been so lazy about it. I have not exercised since very early in my pregnancy and I'm not feeling too good about myself right now. I lost about 30 pounds before I had Bear and I (of course) gained all of that and a little more during the pregnancy. Well, 20 pounds fell off within the first couple of months after giving birth, but the extra is just not going to disappear. I decided it was time to admit that and do something about it. I could really stand to lose even more than that, but the goal for now is just to get back to where I was. Something that I think is probably prohibiting me from losing weight right now is all the alcohol I've been consuming in the past few months. I never used to drink at home! I don't know why I've started, but I need to stop. There is no reason for me to be drinking full caloried beer, anyhow. Max and I have decided that as of July, there will be no beer (or any other alcohol) in the house. I think it's fine if we go out to eat and we decide to indulge a little, but that doesn't happen that often. I'm hoping that the absence of alcohol and the exercise will jump start my body a little. We'll see. It should at least make me feel like I'm taking action. Also, Bear went to the child care room for the first time today while I took a tour. He was napping, so he didn't even know he was there, but still, he went and I met the ladies that will be taking care of him. They seem really capable and have lots of experience, so I'm hoping he does well there.

We decided on a new car seat finally. We really like the Britax seats, mostly from a safety perspective, but we read reviews that said that babies seem to find them really comfortable as well. We had almost decided to go with the Roundabout model, but then we read all the safety features of the Boulevard model and picked that instead. I wasn't too happy about the cost, but we found a 2007 model available through Amazon and we saved $80!! That made it not cost any more than the lesser models we were prepared to pay for. It should arrive in just a couple days. The only thing I'm not too happy about changing is that this car seat will stay in the car, so I will no longer be able to take advantage of Bear falling asleep in the car. In the past, I've quietly placed his seat in a shopping cart and gone grocery shopping or whatever else I've needed to do. I found out today, though, that he will sleep in his stroller, so I suppose I could always resort to using that if he seems tired. A few groceries will fit in the bottom, so it could work in a pinch.


abbysmom said...

We got the Marathon model. The prices are kinda high, but they can use them up to like 55 pounds or so! That saves you from having to buy another one later. I actually found that it was easier on my back to just pick Abby up rather than reaching in to try to get the whole carrier thing. Good luck at the gym! I am jealous that you have the time!!! I know I need to make more time for that kind of stuff, but I can't give up any more of the 6-7 hours of sleep that I'm getting now for exercise!!! It just won't happen!

Trace said...

I always think it's so cool when I look on my sitemeter and I see a blog that is new. Thanks for stopping by!!